Below is a list of sermons and events shared with the Main Street family.
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May they be a blessing to you in your spiritual journey.

Sermon Title Date Speaker Worship Service
"A Prayer For The New Year" Proverbs 30:7-912/31/2011

"The True Spirit of Christmas" Matthew 2:1-1212/25/2011

"The Genesis of the Incarnation"  Matthew 1:13-2512/18/2011

"The Royal Life of King Jesus" Matthew 1:1-1712/11/2011

"The Horror of Holiness" 1 Corinthians 11:2612/4/2011

"The Great Invitation" Matthew 22:5-1411/27/2011

"God Is My Refuge" Psalm 4611/20/2011

"How To Love Those Who Leave The Church" James 5:19-2011/13/2011

"The Power of A Praying Church" James 5:13-1811/6/2011

"Real Repentance is Graciously Upheld" Psalm 5:7-810/30/2011

"Saved But Still Shackled" Mark 5:14-2010/23/2011

"How To Be Blessed" Psalm 110/21/2011

"A Biblical Blueprint For Keeping Your Ways Pure" Psalm 119:9-1610/20/2011

"Dare To Be A Daniel" Daniel 1:8-14, 21; Daniel 6:1-4, 1010/19/2011

"Draw Near Unto God" Hebrew 10:19-2510/18/2011

"When Christians Become Spiritually Barren" Luke 10:38-4210/17/2011

"Redemption: A Lot Like Marriage" Ephesians 1:3-1410/16/2011

"Every Word Is Bond" James 5:1210/9/2011

"Wait On The Lord" James 5:7-1110/2/2011

"Grace To The Bent And The Bound" Luke 13:10-139/25/2011

"What Do You See" Mark 8:22-269/18/2011

"The War Against Social Injustice" James 5:1-69/11/2011

"Tomorrow Is Not Promised" James 4:13-179/4/2011

"Condemning Christians" James 4:11-128/28/2011

"A Broken Church is A Healthy Church" James 4:1-108/21/2011

"What Type of Wisdom Do You Have?" James 3:13-188/14/2011

"You Better Watch What You Say" James 3:1-128/7/2011

"Do you have a dead faith?" (part 2) James 2:20-267/31/2011

"Our God is Too Great To Be Praised So Little" Psalm 967/24/2011

"Do You Have A Dead Faith?" James 2:14-197/17/2011







"Come as you are, not as you are" James 2:1-75/29/2011

"God Made Women" Genesis 15/22/2011

Men's Day - Judges 155/15/2011

"God Sees A Mother's Pain" Genesis 21:9-215/8/2011

"Living A Life of Total Commitment" Joshua 24:14-155/1/2011

"A Price Paid, A Receipt Given" Romans 4:254/24/2011

"The True Meaning of Significance" Psalm 14/17/2011

"The True Marks of Christian Religion" James 1:21-274/10/2011

"What Does Jesus Want From Main Street" Revelation 2:1-74/3/2011

"A Glorified Vision to a Blurry Vision On Life" Isaiah 63/20/2011

"What Does God Expect of You On Sunday Morning" James 1:19-203/20/2011

"God Will Help You Parent" Ephesians 5:18-20, 6:1-43/13/2011

"God Is Good All The Time" James 1:16-183/6/2011

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